Blue Moon Rising Spin-off
SciFi Saga

Once upon a time on a planet far, far away, an evil sorcerer cast a curse on the Crucible Kingdom, a curse no one has been able to break. Until, two hundred years later, the current ruler takes drastic action, decreeing that his niece, a recently widowed duchess, must add fresh blood to the kingdom by marrying a hard-headed starship captain who has fled the crumbling Regulon Empire. The reluctant couple are tasked with securing the kingdom's future not only by producing an heir to the throne but by finding a way to break the curse. An almost impossible challenge, which is further complicated by clashes between two people who are not only reluctant to wed but are each accustomed to being boss.

When the curse strikes, however, the duchess is forced to admit the captain is more than capable in emergencies, yet how can a Regulon with no concept of the power of magic know anything about breaking a curse? And then the captain comes up with an idea no one thought of. A solution that turns out to be as dangerous as the curse itself.

AUTHORíS NOTE: The Crucible Kingdom is a stand-alone spin-off of the Blue Moon Rising series, with several cross-over characters, most prominently K'kadi Amund, the young Psyclid sorcerer who doesn't talk. With the exception of the geysers, which sprouted from my imagination, the volcano scenes are based on events before, during, and after the explosion of Mount St. Helens (State of Washington) in the spring of 1980.

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