Blue Moon Rising 3
SciFi Saga

What to do with K'kadi Amund, the youngest of four royal children-the one who doesn't talk? The young man of almost twenty-one who can still lose himself in moments of beauty, or moments of disaster. "Unreliable" and "weird" are some of the kinder things said about him. So why does S'sorrokan, leader of the rebellion against the Regulon Empire, consider him one of his most vital assets? And even when K'kadi comes into his own and gets what was once his greatest desire, he discovers that growing up comes with a price.

Author's Note: Readers of the Blue Moon Rising series will encounter old friends in Tal Rigel and his wife Kass and the Sorcerer Prime, Jagan Mondragon, and his wife M'lani. As well as B'aela Flammia, the eldest child of King Ryal of Psyclid. (The four royals, with their significant others, will stand shoulder to shoulder in the final book, ROYAL REBELLION.) Other major characters who reappear in THE BASTARD PRINCE are: Regulon Admiral Rand Kamal, Captain Alek Rybolt, Captain Jordana Tegge. New on scene are a family of merchant rebels, one of whom (female) throws a monkey wrench into K'kadi's plans for a conventional happily ever after. (A list of the many and varied characters on three planets and a terraformed moon is included at the beginning of the book.)

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Blue Moon Series - Vocabulary

atalan - a kind of fish
baku - similar to bacon
buerra - butter
steri - beef

lunelle - blue wine
karst - a whiskey similar to scotch
ripka - ale
ullali - brandy
vinali - red wine
xaax - a dark, robust ale
yrak - rosé wine

flitterfly - similar to butterfly
grizzoid - large aggressive beast
kito - bug similar to mosquito
krall - highly venomous snake
oryx - large bird similar to a condor
panta - cross between a panther & a cat
platidon - large, awkward creature

Batani (adj.) - similar to "bloody"
Dimi! - similar to Damn!
Fizzet! (Psyclid only) - untranslatable
Fizzeting (adj. - Psyclid only)
Fyd! - Regulon "F-word"
Fydding (adj.)
Hipok - Bullshit
Pok! - Shit!

chrono - watch
crystos - Psyclid building material
circo - circus
dama - term of address, female
daman - term of address, male
dushani - thought transference between soulmates
dushá minya - endearment (female)
dushenka/dushenko - darling (f/m)
enlasé - melding of multiple psychic minds
faustone - rock-like building material
glowlight - similar to flashlight
lutá - similar to a lute
mark - klic
merveille - marvelous
meshug - crazy
midama - endearment (female)
midamaran - endearment (male)
plasti - plastic
ridó - force field powered by magic
veriball - similar to soccer

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