Romantic Suspense
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Someone is killing people at the Bellman Museum, staging the deaths as bizarre works of art scattered over the museum's sixty-six tropical acres, the creation of famed circus entrepreneur and art connoisseur, Richard Bellman. FBI Special Agent Aurora "Rory" Travis is visiting her grandmother in Florida while recuperating from a three-story fall that killed her partner and lover. Although broken in spirit as well as body, Rory volunteers as a tram driver on the tranquil museum grounds, ignoring the outside world, until a friend becomes a murder suspect and she feels obligated to do a bit of private sleuthing.

As the series of odd events at the Bellman escalate, a man of mystery hops onto Rory's tram to a clap of thunder. Josh Thomas is dangerous. Josh is ruthless. Josh has not come into her life by accident. As Rory copes with multiple murders, as well as Josh Thomas, she is forced to confront her worst fears as she goes one-on-one with the villain.

Author's Note: the background of this story is an accurate depiction of The John & Mable Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida, in the years just before the bulldozers moved in for the great building boom that followed. And yes, as you might guess, I was a long-time volunteer tram driver at the Ringling.

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