Blue Moon Rising 2
SciFi Saga

Rebellion, mind tricks, and tangled love on a planet far, far away.

Princess M'lani of the planet Psyclid, where almost everyone but M'lani is gifted with some kind of psychic ability, has agreed to marry Jagan Mondragon, the Sorcerer Prime. Jagan fled Psyclid when it was invaded by the Regulon Empire, but has now returned, supposedly to lead his people in rebellion against the occupation. But he's been dragging his feet about it, and when he finally shows up, he has his mistress with him. If that weren't enough of a problem, M'lani develops a not-so-welcome psychic gift, and then there's that prickly long-time rebel leader, T'kal Killiri (who did not flee Psyclid at the first sign of the Regs), and the antics of M'lani's younger brother, K'kadi, who speaks only through illusions.

On Blue Moon, one of Psyclid's three moons, M'lani's older sister Kass and her husband Tal continue to plot a massive rebellion against the Regs, but freedom for the obscure, peace-loving planet of Psyclid seems a long way away.

Author's Note: For Kass's and Tal's story, please see Book 1 of the Blue Moon rising series, REBEL PRINCESS.

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Blue Moon Series - Vocabulary

atalan - a kind of fish
baku - similar to bacon
buerra - butter
steri - beef

lunelle - blue wine
karst - a whiskey similar to scotch
ripka - ale
ullali - brandy
vinali - red wine
xaax - a dark, robust ale
yrak - rosé wine

flitterfly - similar to butterfly
grizzoid - large aggressive beast
kito - bug similar to mosquito
krall - highly venomous snake
oryx - large bird similar to a condor
panta - cross between a panther & a cat
platidon - large, awkward creature

Batani (adj.) - similar to "bloody"
Dimi! - similar to Damn!
Fizzet! (Psyclid only) - untranslatable
Fizzeting (adj. - Psyclid only)
Fyd! - Regulon "F-word"
Fydding (adj.)
Hipok - Bullshit
Pok! - Shit!

chrono - watch
crystos - Psyclid building material
circo - circus
dama - term of address, female
daman - term of address, male
dushani - thought transference between soulmates
dushá minya - endearment (female)
dushenka/dushenko - darling (f/m)
enlasé - melding of multiple psychic minds
faustone - rock-like building material
glowlight - similar to flashlight
lutá - similar to a lute
mark - klic
merveille - marvelous
meshug - crazy
midama - endearment (female)
midamaran - endearment (male)
plasti - plastic
ridó - force field powered by magic
veriball - similar to soccer

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