Aphrodite Academy Series Box Set
Regency Darkside

Stories from the Regency Darkside. The Aphrodite Academy series feature four young women who desperately need second chances. Belle, Cecilia, Holly, and Juliana come from varying backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: life has not been kind. The language of the books is frank and saucy, but the stories are driven by character and plot, not sexual content. If you would like a peek at the other side of sweetness and light while still having confidence in a Happily Ever After ending, these might be the Regency romances for you.


After her father offers her as a gaming prize, Lady Arabella Pierrepont runs away. She is aided by one of the gamesters, who takes her to the Aphrodite Academy, an all-female establishment where young women are trained in academic and—ah—other subjects. There, Belle is given three choices: the respectable but dull life of a companion, a marriage well below her station, or training for the life of a courtesan. Unfortunately, none of her choices include her savior, Gabriel, Viscount Ashford.


Cecilia Lily’s greatest desire is to become the mistress of a titled gentleman. But when the Marquess of Longmere becomes her protector, she learns the truth of the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for.” Yet even after suffering a severe beating, Cecilia finds it difficult to adjust her rigidly formed views of class when help comes in the form of the alleged lord of London’s Underworld. No matter what Nicholas Black offers, she cannot see past his guttersnipe origins. Cecilia has many realities to face before her world comes right.


Holly Hammond, an independent, sharp-tongued former tavern wench, has reached the pinnacle of her ambition, flying high as a sparkling London courtesan—until she finds herself out on the street, pregnant with twins. But Holly, a graduate of the Aphrodite Academy, is not alone. Out of the blue, she receives an offer of marriage from merchant captain Royce Kincade, who snatches at the bribe offered—his very own ship—without considering his bride’s determined independence, her babies’ natural father, or the possible outrage of his relatives. Not surprisingly, Happily Ever After teeters on the brink of extinction.


Juliana, Baroness Rivenhall, is headmistress of The Aphrodite Academy. Once an innocent bride, she married a charming, insouciant gentleman who promptly taught her aspects of love not generally practiced in Regency bedchambers. Even going so far as to include Darius Wolfe, his man of business, in a ménage à trois. With Darius Juliana learns the true meaning of love. But when her husband is killed in a duel and she is free at last, she is so horrified by events endured during her marriage that she turns from Darius, setting up the Aphrodite Academy to help other young women who have found themselves in dire situations. Six years go by before Juliana’s friends band together to push her toward the happy ending she had provided for so many others.

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